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Property Tax Loans Provide Solutions to Your Financial Problems

Property Tax CalculationThose who are having trouble paying property taxes are not alone. Illness, loss of job, and poor financial planning can cause property taxes to become delinquent. The consequences of this delinquency can be increased penalties and higher interest rates on any unpaid tax balance. Anyone who is having problems with Nueces County property taxes should consider calling RioTax, a company that provides quality solutions to the problems of delinquent property taxpayers.

What Can Happen

Property taxes are due each year. If, for some reason, they are left unpaid for a particular year, the local taxing authority will mark them as delinquent. Higher interest rates and delinquent tax penalties then begin to accrue, and eventually, the taxing authorities can actually begin a foreclosure action. Foreclosure won’t occur right away, but the longer property taxes remain unpaid, the greater the chance for legal action.

Property Tax Loans

RioTax provides money in the form of property tax loans to pay property taxes. While the money provided may actually be a loan, many in the industry look at the transaction as a transfer of responsibility. If a homeowner has a delinquent property tax bill of $2,500 and they receive $2,500 to pay this obligation, they are really not taking on any more debt. In reality, all that happens is that our company becomes the holder of the tax lien—not the taxing authority.

The Process

Anyone who contacts our taxing agents will find the process straightforward. Applications can be filled out by phone or online, and a quick approval turnaround time of three days is commonly the case. Our team will take care of the verification of information, the title search, and the notification of the proper taxing authorities.


Normal real estate loans can take months to close and are subject to constant requests for detailed and complicated information. Many times during the process, information becomes expired and has to be resent. This will not be the case with RioTax because we are highly organized and dedicated to a very quick turnaround time.

No one should let the problem of late property taxes keep them up at night. Just call our specialists at RioTax at 1-855-656-3728 for a quick and painless solution to the situation.

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Your tax office may offer delinquent tax installment plans that may be less costly to you. You can request information about the availability of these plans from the tax office.